How to send friend request on facebook when banned from sending friend requests

how to send friend request on facebook when ban
Facebook is one of the most celebrated social media websites ever on the world wide web :)
Facebook has helped and enabled businesses across the world to grow, friends connect with friends, family members and even enemies
As a medium where individuals log into with the aim of meeting new people, we tend to Send Friend Request to people we do not really know. Maybe Because we liked their photos, posts,and whatever.
After some warnings,Facebook blocks you and prevents you from Sending anymore friend Request which might seem to hurt you as the prevention lingers for 5 days, 15 days, 30 days depending on how many times you have been warned and blocked.
When you get blocked, you can't send Friend Requests anymore. but wait, you actually can! (y) 
In this post, I will show you How To Send Friend Request On Facebook When Blocked From Sending Friend Requests
How Can I Send Friend Request On Facebook When Blocked From Sending Friend Requests?.

1. First of all get the email address of that person whom you wanted to add on Facebook(through
his profile or any other way).

2. click on following link and a menu will appear as shown in you can add email of
different types and add friends. *h t t p s : / / www . f a c e b o o k . c om / ? s k = f f* copy the link and paste in your browser

3. Now add email of that person in respective email directory (gmail,yahoomail,hotmail).

4. If you wanted to add a lot of friends at a time then simply open a notepad and write all the email addresses to your friends separated with commas (,) and name the notepad file asyourdesiredname.v cf

5. Now go to last option on that page Other Tools and the click first option upload contact file.

6. Now upload your notepad file to that place. Thats all!
You've done your friend request
Let's go out there and make more friends. 


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