How To get a valid BB imei for Andriod Tweak>>>>Biz subscribtion!!

Generate valid blackberry imei ? Today I will be updating you with a way with which you can now generate Blackberry imei for blackberry bis subscribtion on your Android phone. As you and i know that BB bis IMEI on Android is currently the most wildly used tweak but since majority don't have a pc of their own to generate it, this part has really posed a huge problem to them.

Personally, i'll say this is a relieve to me as well. Since there will be no more pls help me to generate & send 2 bb imei to my email request, as you can now easily generate them yourself using your phone

Steps To Generate Blackberry IMEI On Android
==>Download BBgen.apk to your phone from Here
==>Install, open it. And click on Generate BlackBerry IMEI.
==>Finally copy the imei and tweak to your phone.

Remember to backup your phone's current imei using mobile uncle or simply write it down before changing your imei. Dial *#06# to view.

You can ask question if you are confused

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