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Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to recover hacked facebook account via opening a new one

ITs not a new thing, that Facebook account is hacked day by day. Every day hackers create lots of Facebook hacking techniques, it’s just a small thing for a hacker to hack Facebook account. On the other side Facebook Security engineers give their best for Facebook account security but they can’t give guarantees that your Facebook account is 100% safe.But today am going to be sharing with you how to recover hacked Facebook account by Creating a new Facebook Account.
 Generally when a hacker hacks any Facebook account, He changes the primary email address on Facebook account then user are not able to reset his Facebook account by Email or Mobile verification and by answering the security questions. Many users lose hope in this case to recover their Facebook account but still there is one more method to recover the hacked Facebook account.
Follow these steps to recover hacked Facebook account via creating a new account

1)       First of all you have to create a new Facebook account with same Name, Photos and details of your hacked account.
2)       Now just login with new account and visit your hacked Facebook account
3)       Now click on ¡®Report Button¡¯ and click on the option ¡®This is my old profile¡¯ and Check mark on the ¡®Recover this Account¡¯, it is hacked

4)       Click on Continue button
5)       Now it shows you some recovery options in this you can recover your Facebook account with the help of their 3 Facebook friends.
6)       When you are trying to recover hacked Facebook account with your 3 Facebook friends security feature, Facebook divides your password in 3 parts and send it to your 3 selected Facebook friends
7)       Now you just go and contact with that 3 friends and get your hacked Facebook account password.
Hope you will get back your  Hacked Facebook account with this step

Enjoy ! and don’t forget to share on facebook now, it may help someone 

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