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Thursday, 14 September 2017

How to Fix App not Installed Error on Android Device

Sometimes when you want to install an app on your android Device, it do occur that you will get an error message like "Application not installed" but this is not a serious issue which can be fixed. Android Device doesn't support installing app from other source apart from Google Play store. By so doing, there is a need to turn on "Unknown source" which will then give permission for installing other apps not downloaded directly from Google Play store. 

Well to fixed such error may require you to Go to Settings >> Security >> Tick Install from other Source although even after doing such you may still be getting Application not install so in this article let look at the possible ways to Fix it all.

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Causes of Application not Installed Error on Android Device

Low storage space: This can be be one of the possible cause of getting error message of Application not installed on your Android Device because of low space memory 

✔ Corrupted/Bad File: Yet it is possible you downloaded a file from the internet but couldn't get it installed on your Android Device, possible cause may be a corrupted apk or bad file that why Google doesn't support downloading apk file anywhere else apart from Google play store.

 ✔ Wrong Path for Apps installed: Choosing a wrong path also can be one of the problem associated with getting error of application not installed on your Android Device. Some apps may work well on phone memory, others maybe MicroSD card  or some may choose both.

 Improper Mounted SD card: Installing apps on mounted SD card may also be on possible cause of getting app not installed cause some SD card need to be accessible before they are properly mounted else where apart from their original location.

✔ Corrupted storage Location: Yes this can also lead to app not install on your Android Device if you don't fix a corrupted storage location either on  Phoneor SD card 

✔ Apk signature/certificate clash: two conflicting signature of an already installed app can cause possible problem of getting app not installed on your Android device

Recommendations to fix Application not Installed error

✔ Restart phone:  A simple restarting of your Android Device can just work the magic of not getting Application not installed on your Android device anymore. You can perform that by simply using the power button or removing the battery and fixing it back to on it.

✔ fee more storage space by buying a higher SD card and move app heavy files or apk to it or detect unused app on your Android Device. 

✔  Check downloaded file to ensure it was fully downloaded so as not to get such error

✔ You can equally change app location to SD card so as to free more phone storage memory and correctly mount your SD to other devices properly.

✔ You can perform a hard resetting on your SD card by formatting But ensure you back up your important files first.

If you work out with this method and you still couldn't fix Application not installed on Your Andriod Device, Factory reset your Android phone but ensure you also back up important files before engaging in such task. Have any  difficulties? let get to know about it and suggest a possible solution to it , Drop your comment below

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