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Monday, 7 March 2016

Nokia C.E.O crying Profusely as Microsoft Finally Acquires Nokia

Did you remember last eight years when Nokia Phones were the bomb and king of all
phones as at then ?. In fact there was a popular saying that goes
thus..."there are many Phones in the world, Nokia and others".

Now this saying is outdated and don't hold ground anywhere as the brand
has been successfully kicked out of the mobile phone game by Android

At the press conference meeting to announce NOKIA being acquired by tech
heavyweight Microsoft, Nokia CEO, *Stephen Elop * completed his speech

“we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

Not just saying that, himself and other top Nokia officials shaded tears
at the proceeding.

CEO Cries...
That is life for you. Nothing remains permanent except change. You can
recall that BlackBerry is about facing the same situation after they
announced that there won't be new production of BlackBerry OS devices

Nokia made a costly mistake by remaining calm thinking that they can
compete with Android devices but it was a hard battle for them as
Android defeated them home and away. The lesson learned from this is
that you should try your best to adjust to the environmental changes.
Android OS offers the best experience and features that suites the time
we are now. And it keeps on getting better with new Android version
updates being rolled out frequently.

Microsoft announced the purchase of Nokia’s phone assets in September
2013 — just weeks after Steve Ballmer said he would step down — and
finalized the deal in April 2014.

The total price for purchasing it ended up as approximately $7.9
billion, from an April 2015 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC).

In life, if you don't upgrade, you will be left out or even eliminated.

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