Learn how to generate a valid imei for tweaking, IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)   is a 15 digit unique number to identify mobile devices, as well as some other devices. It is usually found printed on the phones 
back under the battery. It can also be displayed on the phones screen by entering *#06# on the phones keypad.


 So if we want to tweak our Imei number so that we can get free 250mb from mtn or to use glo bis on our android device or to get free 6month whatsapp from mtn and many more.Then read this post to show you how to generate a valid Imei for your device.

1. Download imei analyzer for your android HERE
2. Install it on your android phone
 Mostly you will  have 9digit then Add 5 numbers of your choice and generate the check digit

Generating valid imei
Then click Analyze

now you got your Full IMEI Number or you can goto to generate it on web.
copy the full imei and replace your device imei using MTK Engineering mode or click HERE to know how to replace the imei :D  THANKS FOR VISITING 

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