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Saturday, 13 January 2018

How To See Photos On Facebook FREE MODE 100% Tested 2018

Facebook free mode in Free Basics is a service that enables users chat on FB without active data or airtime. Since its inception in Nigeria and some other developing countries last year, free basics has helped a lot of data-conscious people because they can browse so many websites for free.

Apart from chatting, one other fun thing to do on Facebook is viewing and commenting on friends pictures. On default, we can't see photos in free mode, but after reading this post, you'll be able to view photos/images in Facebook free mode. Please note that only Airtel and 9Mobile networks currently support freebasics in Nigeria, and for your information, you can access Telegram for free on these networks.

To be able to view photos on facebook free mode, you need the facebook lite app which loads faster and saves battery. Lets see the requirements. 


-> 9Mobile or Airtel SIM card
-> Zero airtime and data
-> Facebook Lite app on your Android phone.

How to See Photos on Facebook Free Mode (free basics)

  1. Open the FB lite app, login and play around/chat for about a minute
  2. Now close the app and switch off your data
  3. Then go to your phone
    Settings >> locate App >> scroll down to Facebook lite >> tap it, then clear the data of the Facebook lite.
  4. Switch on your data now and login again on Facebook Lite
  5. You will notice that it won't load when trying to login, simply close the FB lite app, then open it again and it will load now.
  6. Surprisingly, you'll be welcomed to data mode and will be able to view all photos without data and airtime. Unfortunately, you can't watch videos with this, but at least, you can now comment and react to your friends pictures.

That's all the 5 easy smart steps to view photos in Facebook free mode from free basics. Kindly share and tell us how it went. Search Terms : Free FACEBOOK , HOW TO BROWSE FACEBOOK FREE, BROWSING FREE ON FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK FREE MODE. HOW TO SEE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK FREE MODE, FREE PHOTOS FACEBOOK source techpaded


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